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Werner and Lamela have scored goals one after another, Tottenham eliminated Chelsea through a penalty shootout and entered the quarterfinals of the League Cup. The first three center-back formation was not working smoothly. Mourinho quickly used excellent on-the-spot adjustments to reverse the situation. Tottenham’s performance after the change of sides was completely new. The new aid Reggie Ron who made a mistake in the first half completed the redemption with an assist. Helped the madman to realize his "revenge" against Lampard.


Mourinho's team against his old club is always eye-catching. Two teams with similar season goals have encountered trouble in the near future. Defeating strong opponents to complete the League Cup promotion task is the best way to boost morale.


In last season's game against a strong team, Lampard repeatedly used the three-back system and achieved good results. The league double play Tottenham is one of the classics. After introducing a number of strong aids, Lampard is temporarily unable to make trial and error in the selection of formations, so he can only concentrate on making good use of a blueprint. The unsuccessful league game did not shake Lampard's confidence. The marshal still used a four-back formation in this game. Instead, Mourinho took the initiative to display a three-back/five-back system.


Spurs have focused on strengthening the wing (especially the full-back position) during the summer window of this season. Reggie Lon is considered the ideal candidate to activate the flanking offensive and improve the propulsion system. Reggie's foot skills are relatively solid, and his offensive methods are rich and varied. The main problem at this stage is that his performance on the defensive end is not mature enough. In theory, the three-back/five-back system can help him make good use of his strengths and avoid weaknesses. Reggie Long was active in this battle, and his side wing became the focus of the competition.

在本赛季的夏天,马刺队一直专注于加强侧翼(尤其是后卫位置)。雷吉·隆(Reggie Lon)被认为是发起侧翼进攻并改善推进系统的理想人选。雷吉的脚步技术比较扎实,进攻手法多种多样。这个阶段的主要问题是他在防守端的表现还不够成熟。从理论上讲,三后卫/五后卫系统可以帮助他充分利用自己的长处,避免弱点。雷吉·朗活跃于这场战斗,他的侧翼成为比赛的焦点。

After the opening, Tottenham hoarded soldiers in the midfield to organize defenses. Chelsea were not eager to implement assaults, but patiently looked for opportunities to speed up the ball. Spurs have a high degree of defensive defensive end. The level and density of the central defense are very good. Chelsea can only penetrate from the two wings.


Tottenham's wing defense is completed by the center midfielder, wing back and wing center back. One person advances to limit the ball holder, and the two defend the opponent without the ball. Tottenham’s defensive players are basically in place, but the point-to-point restrictions are not tight enough. Before Reggie's mistake, Tottenham's right defense zone had been penetrated by Chelsea, and Mount's movement and response in the frontcourt ensured the vitality of the Blues on both wings.


Despite the addition of Huiber and Dougherty, Tottenham’s defense in the defensive midfielder and wing areas is still not reassuring. The three-centre-back formation of this campaign exposed this problem more thoroughly. Of course, even back to the four-back + bilateral forward structure, Tottenham's situation is not optimistic. Mourinho requires the frontcourt players to actively participate in the defense. The two wingers bear greater consumption in the round-trip seesaw. Even if there are four wingers involved in the rotation, it is difficult to continue this style of play to cope with the long season. Imagine that Sun Xingmin's injury is a dangerous signal.


After the league opener against Everton, Mourinho once pointed out the problem of poor player pressing effect. After the introduction of a number of strong support, Tottenham have the ability to actively press forward. Mourinho's adjustment after the change of sides allows people to see the potential of this team.


Tottenham lacks players who can rely on speed to rush through the depths, and the counterattack relies on team cooperation, unable to play the expected speed. Both Ndongbele and Lamela chose to use the disk to gain time for the development of the offensive formation. During Pochettino's tenure, Lamela first transformed from a winger to a midfielder (side beast waist) who can participate in defense and propulsion with the ball. Then, in order to reduce the risk of injury, Lamela began to take on the task of connecting and connecting the frontcourt. Good tactical adaptability.

托特纳姆热刺缺少能够依靠速度冲向深处的球员,而反击则依靠团队合作,无法发挥预期的速度。 Ndongbele和Lamela都选择使用磁盘来为进攻型部队的发展腾出时间。在Pochettino任职期间,Lamela首先从一名边锋转变为一名中场球员(旁边的野兽腰部),后者可以用球参与防守和推进。然后,为了减少受伤的危险,拉梅拉开始承担连接和连接前场的任务。良好的战术适应性。

Tottenham’s four-game plan last season was destroyed by injuries. Mourinho successively arranged Sun Xingmin, Lucas Jr. and Belwyn to play the 9th position after Kane was injured, but they failed to achieve the desired effect. Delayed to wait for the backup center, Mourinho adjusted his strategy of using troops, pushing Lamela to the top of the formation, using his characteristics of dribbling and fighting, and maintaining the situation with the operation mode of no front formation. With the two wings suppressed and the counterattack lacked speed, Lamela's holding of the ball at least reached the goal of winning breathing time for the backcourt players and avoiding the early collapse of the defense in the continuous pressure.


After losing to Everton in the first game, Mourinho changed his mindset when using midfielders and began to give Ndombele and Lo Celso more playing time. Lamela also got a lot of opportunities, Ali He quickly became a marginal figure in the first team. The important significance of improving the technical content of the midfield is to reduce Kane's load. His health is a barometer of Tottenham's record.

在首场比赛输给埃弗顿后,穆里尼奥改变了使用中场的思维方式,并开始给予Ndombele和Lo Celso更多的上场时间。拉梅拉也得到了很多机会,阿里·贺迅速成为一线队的边缘人物。提高中场技术含量的重要意义是减轻凯恩的负担。他的健康状况是热刺历史的晴雨表。

Chelsea did not take advantage of the victory after taking the lead, which gave Tottenham a chance to counterattack. Even if the players' physical condition is not ideal, Tottenham still burst into strong energy after changing sides. Intensified the frontcourt press, increased the attempts of long passes to directly hit behind, the right side began to put more pressure on the opponents, the offensive on the two wings became more balanced, Tottenham’s changes in the second half were all-round, Mourini Ao's on-the-spot adjustment effect can be described as immediate.


Reggie Ron's confidence was not diminished by mistakes. Tottenham's left attack relied on his use of the ball. As an assisting full-back who can support a strong side attack, Reggie Ron has demonstrated a variety of offensive methods, with a balanced ball and off-ball consciousness, a strong forward consciousness and a fight against the knife. When Tottenham’s main attack direction shifts to the right, Reggie will not be silent. His response and insertion on the weak side is very timely, and the assist for Lamela after receiving a long pass is very wonderful.


After targeted reinforcement, Tottenham’s rear driving force is already quite strong. The characteristics of Reggie Long and Doherty are complementary, and the effect of the combination of the two is worth looking forward to.

经过有针对性的加固后,热刺的后方驱动力已经相当强大。 Reggie Long和Doherty的特征是相辅相成的,两者结合的效果值得期待。

With the two wings flying together, Tottenham's midfielders need to pay more running to complete the offensive response and protect the defense. After Aurie retired to the bench, his "bodyguard" Moussa Sissoko also lost a lot of playing time. If Mourinho is determined to give Dougherty and Reggie a high offensive authority, then the Frenchman with strong coverage is expected to return to the starting lineup, forming a combination with Huiber and Loscelso (Ndombele) A midfield combination of hardness, coverage and creativity.

随着两支联队的齐飞,热刺的中场需要付出更多的奔跑才能完成进攻反应并保护防守。 Aurie退役后,他的“保镖” Moussa Sissoko也失去了很多上场时间。如果穆里尼奥决心赋予杜尔蒂和雷吉较高的进攻权威,那么覆盖面广的法国人有望重返首发阵容,与威伯和洛塞尔索(Ndombele)组成一个中场组合,将硬度,覆盖范围和创造力结合在一起。

During the fire fighting last season, Mourinho tried the three-back/five-back system against Norwich and Liverpool. This is a passive adjustment to solve the defensive problems in the 4231 system. The thickness of the mid lane supports "luxury" players such as Ali and Eriksson. Recently, Mourinho’s transformation of Tottenham has achieved initial results. This time the use of three central defenders is more like an active attempt. The purpose is to dig deeper into the resources of the team and help the new aid to integrate into the team better and faster. .

在上个赛季的消防中,穆里尼奥尝试对阵诺威奇和利物浦的三后卫/五后卫系统。这是一项被动调整,目的是解决4231系统中的防御性问题。中路的厚度支持“豪华”球员,例如Ali和Eriksson。最近,穆里尼奥(Mourinho)对热刺的转型取得了初步成果。这次使用三名中央后卫更像是一次积极的尝试。目的是更深入地研究团队的资源,并帮助新辅助人员更快更好地融入团队。 。

Not only must strive to achieve the goal of "competition for four" in the league, but also hope to gain something in the cup. Spurs are facing greater pressure on results this season, and the madman needs to show better predictability and forward-looking in the tactical field. . Successful "revenge" Lampard is a good start. Mourinho's coaching ability is still online, and his rich on-the-spot experience is an indispensable asset for this team.

不仅必须努力实现联赛“四人制”的目标,而且还希望在杯赛中有所收获。马刺本赛季面临着更大的压力,而狂人需要在战术领域表现出更好的可预测性和前瞻性。 。成功的“复仇”兰帕德是一个好的开始。穆里尼奥的教练能力仍在网上,他丰富的现场经验是该团队不可或缺的资产。

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