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yabo88vip:大连人锋霸入围委内瑞拉32人名单 是走是留仍存悬念
名称:yabo88vip:大连人锋霸入围委内瑞拉32人名单 是走是留仍存悬念

Recently, the Venezuelan Football Association announced the latest 32-man national team squad. The forward Longdong who played in the Chinese Super League Dalian was famous on the list. However, whether Long Dong returned to China to participate in the World Preliminaries or the left-behind club represented Dalian in the Super League, there is still suspense.


In the first stage of this season, Longdong became the top scorer of Dalian, scoring 9 goals and 5 assists in 14 rounds. It is worth mentioning that the Dalian people scored 18 goals in the first stage of the league, and Long Dong alone contributed half of the goals, which is not even his assists.


There is no doubt that Longdong has become the new core of the offensive end of the Dalian people after Carrasco leaves the team. There is no doubt about the importance of the team!


However, Dalian people are troubled by happiness. On the one hand, Long Dong performed well in the club, the more he can establish his position in the Venezuelan national team. In the recent 32-man national team roster announced by the Venezuelan Football Association, Long Dong was no surprise shortlisted.


According to the schedule, the Venezuelan national team will challenge Colombia at 7:30 on October 10th, Beijing time, and host Paraguay at 6 on October 14th. These two games are the first two rounds of the 2022 Qatar World Cup South American qualifiers. Needless to say the importance of.


The second stage of the Chinese Super League will kick off on October 16. The first match of the Dalian People's Relegation Team will start on October 17th, Shijiazhuang Yongchang. According to the past situation, Long Dong can catch up with the club game after going to the national team. However, due to the impact of the new crown epidemic, Long Dong must go through isolation when returning to China from South America, which will directly affect his participation in the Chinese Super League.


At present, Longdong is an important candidate for the Venezuelan national team's striker. The Venezuelan Football Association and the Dalian Professional Club have begun the "grabbing" drama. Because the importance of the World Preliminaries and Dalian's relegation battle are equally important, the two are not easy to let go. Does Longdong leave or stay? The attitude of Long Dong himself and Benitez will play a vital role.


People in Dalian are on vacation, and Long Dong posted photos of him climbing the Great Wall on social platforms, which is imaginative. Longdong travels to Beijing? Or take a flight from Beijing to return to South America?

大连人正在度假,龙东在社交平台上贴出了他攀登长城的照片,这很富想象力。 dong东去北京吗?还是从北京乘飞机返回南美?

After multiple confirmations, Long Dong is still in China and has not returned to South America. Regarding Longdong's whereabouts for half a month, the Dalian People's Professional Club did not publicly release official information, and the team also kept the matter highly confidential.

经过多次确认,Long Dong仍在中国,尚未返回南美。关于隆东的下落,半个月来,大连人民职业俱乐部没有公开发布官方信息,团队也对此事高度保密。

It can be seen that the communication, negotiation and even the game between the Dalian people and the Venezuelan Football Association on the Longdong issue have not ended. Whether Longdong is going or staying, the answer will be announced soon.


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