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   Source of manuscript: Dexing Society

   source of manuscript: D恶性society

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Tianjin TEDA’s “win a relegation” has aroused heated discussions from all walks of life. While emphasizing that “everyone is equal before the rules”, everyone agrees that if the second stage of the Chinese Super League this year adopts a round-robin system, even if only one Single round robin, I am afraid that the effect will be much better than the current elimination system, to a large extent, it can avoid the situation of "winning a relegation". However, people familiar with the matter revealed that






Under the epidemic situation, the domestic epidemic prevention and anti-epidemic policies are different from those of other countries. This has led to the retiring of the Chinese Super League semi-finals this year. "If the application for this year's Chinese Super League to start in May is approved, it may be this year This will not be the case with the arrangement of the league." A person familiar with the matter revealed to the author, "This means that the competition cycle of the Super League this year will be two months longer than the actual game time, even in June or even 7. At the beginning of the month, the situation will be completely different. But for well-known reasons,

在流行情况下,国内的防疫防疫政策与其他国家不同。这导致今年的中国超级联赛半决赛退役。 “如果今年五月份开始的中国超级联赛的申请获得批准,那么今年的联赛安排可能就不会如此。”一位知情人士向作者透露:“这意味着今年的超级联赛比赛周期将比实际比赛时间长两个月,甚至是6月甚至7日。在本月初,情况将完全不同。但是由于众所周知的原因,

"Furthermore, when the Chinese Super League officially kicked off on July 25, everyone should actually know that the Chinese national men's football team was still participating in the final four rounds of the Qatar World Cup qualifiers for the top 40 group stage. It is scheduled for October and November; and the four teams including Guangzhou Evergrande, Shanghai SIPG, Beijing Guoan and Shanghai Shenhua will also participate in the AFC Champions League. Because before the restart of the Chinese Super League, that is, July 9, the Asian Football Association The United Competition Committee has just held a meeting to determine the restart time of the World Preliminary 40 finals, including the AFC East Asia region matches will also be held from October 19 to November 4 in the group stage and the 1/8 finals. The quarter-finals and semi-finals will be held from November 25 to 28. Under such an international competition calendar, the Chinese Super League could only arrange the first stage of the game at that time, and it will be played on September 28.

“此外,当中国超级联赛于7月25日正式启动时,每个人都应该真正知道,中国国家男子足球队仍在参加卡塔尔世界杯预选赛的前四轮比赛,进入前40名小组赛阶段。 10月和11月;广州恒大,上海SIPG,北京国安和上海申花四支球队也将参加亚冠联赛,因为在中国超级联赛重新开始之前,即7月9日,亚洲足球协会联合竞争委员会刚刚举行会议,确定40场世界初赛的复赛时间,包括亚足联东亚地区比赛也将于10月19日至11月4日在小组赛和1/8决赛中举行。八强和半决赛将于11月25日至28日举行。在这样的国际比赛日程下,中国超级联赛只能安排当时的游戏,它将在9月28日播放。

"On August 12, FIFA and AFC issued a notice that the World Preliminary 40 finals will be postponed to next year. This has eased the pressure on the Super League schedule to some extent, and the FA Cup can also be arranged normally. .and,

“ 8月12日,国际足联和亚足联发出通知,将将世界初赛40决赛推迟到明年。这在一定程度上减轻了中超联赛的压力,足总杯也可以正常安排。 ,

"Sure enough, on September 10th, the AFC Executive Committee held a remote video conference. The meeting decided that the AFC Champions League in West Asia will start on September 14, while the East Asia game was originally scheduled to start on October 16. It really was postponed to November 15. But at this time, the head of the competition department of the Bia Football Federation Secretariat promised that the start time of the Chinese Football Association was three days earlier, because the time agreed by both parties was November 18. So,


  "On the 9th of this month (October), the AFC officially announced:






   Regarding the adoption of specific competition system


A person familiar with the matter said, “We all know that the competition system is somewhat unreasonable, and we also want to continue to adopt the home and away system. However, the domestic epidemic prevention and anti-epidemic pressure is very great. In this case, we have decided to adopt the competition system and decided It is not easy for everyone to implement closed management, especially if the first phase lasts for more than 70 days.


"Indeed, as many people outside may have said, that is, the second stage of the game can adopt a single round-robin system, that is, whether it is the championship or the relegation group, 8 teams will conduct a single round-robin competition, and the points are arranged. It is more reasonable and fairer. Moreover, with a single round robin, the seven-round competition is just one more round than the current elimination system. It seems easy to arrange, but new problems arise from this.


  "If there is one more round of competition, because the top four of the Chinese Super League will participate in the AFC Champions League, after playing in the Super League, at least these four teams must have a buffer period and short rest time. After all, from the perspective of the schedule of the AFC Champions League,


  "Secondly, because after the first stage of the game is over, it is necessary to give each team at least two and a half weeks of adjustment time, because it is impossible to advance it, let alone


"Third, it is a plan that we put forward when we solicited the opinions of various clubs in advance, that is, to compress the rest time between the two rounds, so as to squeeze a round of time to arrange a single round robin. However, many teams have proposed. A clear objection was made, because after the opening stage of the first stage of the game, when a round of competition was held every four or five days at that time, the quality and level of the game obviously declined after three or four rounds, and the players We got more injuries and entered a period of fatigue. In the second stage of the game,


The person familiar with the matter said, “For the outside world, it may feel like and how it should be, but for the person involved, it is difficult to understand the constraints and difficulties of various factors without being in it. Of course, this is not an attempt to justify. ,

知情人士说:“对于外界,感觉和感觉应该如何,但是对于所涉及的人,如果不参与,很难理解各种因素的制约和困难。当然,这不是试图证明其合理性。 ,





   In fact, a noteworthy situation is:


From another perspective,


   Therefore, sticking to the "winning a relegation" itself, to joke "the Chinese Football Association'amateur'", I am afraid that such an evaluation is at least incomplete. However, regardless of the format, at least for all participating teams, it is fair and equal. The real situation is:


   Of course, I believe that after the special competition system of this year's special period, there will be no similar situation next year. Moreover, even next year, the home and away system will still not be able to normally start and continue to adopt this year's game system. In terms of specific game system design, the situation will be much better than this year. From this perspective,



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